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Are Your Online Listings Correct?

Take control of your data today!
Listing Management


You may not realize it, but your business information can be found all over the Web. At CauseWay Marketing, our Listings Management service will make sure your business information is accurate where people are searching for you. We constantly review and manage your information on top sites, directories and apps, keeping you in control of how your listings appear online.

CauseWay Marketing is your simple, one-stop-shop – we help you keep your online information complete and accurate everywhere your customers search, even on voice search, like Siri, Alexa and Google. And with CauseWay, you can update your information across the web with one call.

SEE IF YOUR INFORMATION IS CORRECT Find out in seconds the number of places we find with incorrect information for your business.
See Where Your Information Is Wrong Get an instant report showing your status on major search listings.
See What Information Is Wrong We’ll show you if your business name, address or business phone number are incorrect.

Pricing Of Our Products


KNOWLEDGE GRAPH  Structure all the facts about your business to answer questions.
LISTINGS Control the facts about your business across the industry-leading YextKnowledge Network of 3rd-party sites, apps, platforms, and more, including Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Maps, Bing, and Facebook.
RICH MEDIA SYNDICATION Bring your business to life by syndicating photos, videos, events, menus, and more to your listings across the Knowledge Network.
KNOWLEDGE ASSISTANT Update the facts about your business right from your phone — without needing to download an app.
GEOCODING Mark your map pins with precision for drivers and pedestrians.
Answer customers' questions on search, maps, and more.


Includes all Basic features, plus:
DUPLICATESUPPRESSION Suppress duplicate listings with Yext’spatented process and according to each publisher's best practices.
REVIEW MONITORING Leverage Yext’s direct integrations with KnowledgeNetwork partners to pull all your reviews from across the web into a single dashboard — so you stay informed in real-time, at scale.
SOCIAL LOCATION PAGE POSTING Engage customers by posting content to your location profiles on Google*, Facebook, and foursquare.
Control your brand and gain access to valuable customer feedback.

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By working with CauseWay Marketing you can reach your goals in no time.